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As a Certified Copywriter, I help people elevate their bottom line using persuasive writing. Enjoy my blog.

Hello, I’m Cathy Gilstrap, CPA. I’ve taken my 24+ years in Public Accounting and branched out.

Something I’m passionate about:

While much of America seems to be getting more and more divisive, I'm going to be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, greeting all I meet, exercising patience with others, and smiling at strangers. I'll do this as often as I have the opportunity. I will not stand idly by and let children live in a world where unconditional love is invisible and being rude is acceptable.
Join me in showing love and respect to others. Find your way to swing the pendulum in the direction of love ❤️ Because today, sadly, hate is gaining ground. Love must begin somewhere and love will overcome hate. Imagine the difference if we each purposefully love a little more.
We can do this! ❤️

Enjoy My Blog

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